What Would Happen To A California Dog If It Bites Someone?

Dog Attack Lawyer
Dog Attack Lawyer

You might know about the legal steps to take when a dog bites you. Albeit you are unaware of these, just a consultation with a dog attack lawyer would let you know everything. Have you ever wondered what precautions need to be taken for that dog, or which all are the mandatory steps that entail the incident? In the event of a dog bite, there are legal processes that need to be followed for that animal. Keep reading to know which those measures are.

State Law Requires Quarantine For The Dog

Every experienced dog lawyer should say that California’s legislation mandates that an animal that bites somebody and breaks their skin be quarantined for 10 days. This should be performed irrespective of where the incident happened, how it occurred, and whether the animal is vaccinated. According to how and where it happens, the related county’s animal shelter would decide whether or not to put it on residential quarantine. This means the animal shelter situated where the incident happened, would visit the dog owner concerned to verify whether it could be quarantined in that house.

The said animal shelter’s staff would revisit that property after 10 days, to possibly take the animal off quarantine according to its health state then. In the event of it being rabid, at the time, it would be euthanized. Otherwise, the animal services would allow its release. Should the dog owner fail to follow quarantine rules and regulations, they are likely to encounter a criminal charge.

Can It Be Quarantined Somewhere Other Than The Owner’s House?

Even so, there would be a situation where the owner could not correctly quarantine the dog concerned. For instance, that person could be living in a flat or condominium that does not have a front yard. In this situation, it would possibly be on quarantine for 10 days at that animal services shelter.

The quarantine is required to ensure the animal does not develop rabies. On a related note, the rabies vaccine’s efficiency largely depends on how it is handled. For instance, the vaccine could be administered in a veterinarian’s office where it becomes excessively chilled or it heats up. In this situation, the effectiveness of it would come down considerably.

Do All Dogs Have To Be Placed On The Quarantine?

To cut the long story short, no. A police dog would not have to be on quarantine for 10 days if it bites somebody when on active duty. It is the only form of dog exempted from the said quarantine process.

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