What Happens When a Dog bite Another Dog in California?

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California has strict rules regarding the situation when a dog bites a person. But what about an incident when one dog bite another? The true fact is that there is no law in California to address such a situation.

Does this mean that there will be no consequences for the owner when his/her dog bites another dog? The answer is NO. We know that this will confuse many people, so we are dealing with this situation in detail in the following section. Read it to know more about the laws involved when a dog bites another dog.

The responsibility of the owner

In California a dog owner will be held responsible for his/her pet’s actions. Even if there is no particular law in California to address the situation when a dog bites another dog, the owner has the liability to pay for the damages caused by the dog, including vet bills.

According to the laws of California, a dog is considered as a property. There for the damages caused by a dog is dealt under the negligence and property law. This law will decide how much the owner should pay for the dog’s actions. An experienced California dog bite attorney will know the right claims to include in such a case and to file a lawsuit that will earn you the maximum compensation.

A dog owner, whose dog bites another dog will have to pay the compensation only if the owner is responsible for the damages. In short, a victim dog’s owner should prove that, the negligence of the aggressor’s owner resulted in his dog biting the other. Then only the victim’s owner can claim compensation.

One instance for such negligence is the leash law. According to the leash law that exists in California, a dog when leaving the property of the owner should be on a leash which is not more than six feet long, and the person who holds the leash should be able to control the dog.

If a dog is on a long retractable leash or off-leash, and bites another dog then the owner will be responsible for the damage. If the owner disobeys the leash law then it will be considered as negligence and he will have to compensate for other dog’s injuries.

When a dog bites another dog in California, there is no proper law to deal with this situation. But as the dog is considered as a property, this situation can be governed under the property laws. A good dog attack lawyer will know the right claims to include in such a case and will help you to get the right compensation.

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