What Google Penguin Does to your Website and SEO?

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This is the second algorithm that can hit you after Google Panda. Penguin shares several aspects with Panda, however, it assesses sites for another factor: their link profiles. Read on to learn more about the actions of Google Penguin on your website as shared by the experts in Falcon marketing.

Backlinks have the ability to positively influence a site’s rankings if:

  • They are put on pages relevantly to the content of your pages
  • They are surrounded by content identified with your linked pages
  • They link to you from dependable sources
  • They originate from various domains

Alternately, questionable links from unclear sources will negatively affect your rankings. Penguin takes care of that.

Note that Google Penguin is not equivalent to Google’s manual activities for unnatural linking. Penguin is totally programmed and will lose its grasp on your site when unnatural backlinks are not a factor again. To manage a manual action taken by them, you will have to present a reconsideration request apart from removing those links.

Things That Trigger the Penguin

Buying Links

It’s an infringement of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to gain links that pass PageRank in return for cash or items.

Lack of Anchor Text Diversity

The content inside backlinks is another factor influencing the link of your connection profile. If this content is the equivalent all over, it will appear to Google that there has been an attempt to control your rankings.

Low Quality of Links

A backlink will trigger Penguin if the content related to it is low-quality or not relevant to the linked page. You may not always be able to control who links to you, but you need to do everything you can to remove links that affect you negatively.

Keyword Stuffing

This might be a surprising factor for some people as it is expected to be Panda’s domain. This is because keywords come under on-page content. However, Penguin looks for an unnatural utilization of keywords. Have you seen pages with long, insignificant sentences loaded with many keywords? This is what keyword stuffing is.

Ways to Recover

  • In case the issue is with the backlinks, you should thoroughly check the ones you have.
  • When you’ve discovered all the bad ones in your site, remove them in any method possible.
  • In the event that you can expel them manually, make sure you do it. If you can communicate with the individual responsible for linking the linking domain’s content, do it.

Remember the above factors regarding Google Penguin if you are dealing with the SEO of your website.

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