Things to Be Avoided after a Dog Bite Accident

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Dog Bite Accident

Around 800,000 people are being victimized by dog bites every year. The call for medical attention arises with a higher intensity or degree of bite. The most vulnerable portions of the population to such bites include postal workers and children. There are numerous personal injury cases filed every day which revolve around dog bites, which pretty much coincides with the prevalence of attacks of this kind. At times, the legal rights as well as future safety of a person are adversely affected if such matters are not properly dealt with. Following are some important and immediate things to be avoided when someone is bitten by a dog.

Not Capturing Images of the Incident

In most cases, the dog bite will have healed to some extent by the matter is opened for a settlement, or taken before a jury. Realizing the full extent of the dog bite damage based on nothing other than the medical records can be a difficult task. Taking a photograph of the injury well in advance would be a wise step which can aid the jury in understanding the seriousness and the extreme pain incurred in the same. Apart from that, the jury or insurance adjuster would get an idea of how long it has been since the incident.

Not Getting Oneself Treated Immediately

Dog bites can sometimes prove to be grave if the biting dog has rabies at the time. Some would even start thinking that such animal attacks are not too serious. Apart from that, serious infections can be caused by bacteria present in the dog’s mouth. By treating immediately, the medical staff could close the opened wound in the best ways possible.

Additionally, important documentation supporting the claim can be provided by rushing to the emergency room as soon as the dog attack has occurred. Moreover, a link between the injury and dog bite can be established.

Absence of a Dog Bite Report

A dog bite incident can be well- documented after alerting the designated authorities of the issue. Failing to report will affect accounts of the whole incident, especially when the victims do not notify animal control or the police, or when the dog owner succeeds in settling the issue. Laws regarding dog bite injuries and their statutory damages are included in many of the jurisdictions. Liabilities can be established after conducting an investigation.

Insurance Company Provided With a Statement

The money of the insurance company is almost always tried to be saved as much as possible by its adjusters. Valid details from the claimants are extracted by the insurance adjusters, and used for proving the issue against the injured party. At times, a recorded statement is requested by the insurance adjuster to submit for justifying a denial of the injury and other damages.

You may contact a dog attack lawyer who has got enough knowledge on the dog bite laws and different ways that liability can be established.

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