How to Keep Away from Diamond Switching Scams

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Usually, diamond switching happens when one leaves their diamond unattended in the hands of an unethical jeweler, without taking the right precautions.

Do you know a valuable diamond can be switched in less time than what it takes for your average cleaning routine? Typically, diamonds are switched with high-quality cubic zirconia gemstones. An untrained eye will be unable to tell the difference between the two as these look identical to one another. So how do you know when that unethical jeweler conned you?

Some switching scams are so expertly done that most victims do not notice anything suspicious until years later. By that time, who knows whether it is way too late to get any recourse or make any accusation? After you exit the store without confirming or exercising your due diligence, that jeweler will have full deniability.

Knowing a Diamond Inside Out Will Help Avoid This Scam

Do you know that professional diamond appraisers can take some hours to assess the value of your diamond? This duration may vary depending on the nature of your jewelry piece and that appraiser’s experience. Your evaluation of diamonds should be as detailed and thorough as theirs.

When leaving your diamond ring unattended for resizing or routine cleaning, be sure to view the stone through a loupe. Look for details such as unique marks on or flaws in your diamond. Note these down and as the other party takes your diamond ring to resize or clean it, let them know that you know about these things. Letting them know that you are paying heed to each detail will serve as a warning for him or her not to mess about.

If your diamond has a laser inscription, then make it clearly known to that party as well. Before you exit the store with your piece, be sure to verify the details again during the pickup. When you notice something is off, be sure to raise any disputes right away.

Stay Away from No-Name Jewelers

Why buy something as precious as a diamond ring from a jeweler with no reputation? Diamond switching scams do not occur as often as you feel these might. When it occurs, it is since the unwary customer did not use their common sense when selecting a jeweler.

If there are no reputed jewelers in your area, then just make the purchase online. The good thing with shopping diamonds online is that these things do not happen there. Besides, there are many reputable jewelers online. For instance, you will never hear Beverly Diamond complaints relating to switching as this popular jeweler operates fully online.

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