Points To Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits Or Damage Claims

Animal Attack Attorney
Animal Attack Attorney

We love our pets as a member of our family and look after them with great care. So, we are equally responsible for liabilities when they attack people. However, most pet owners are not prepared for such a scenario because they believe that their pets cannot harm another person or animal. Often, this is one of the reasons that lead to such situations. Besides, you as the pet owner can hire an animal attack attorney to handle settlement with the victim of the attack. Shared below are important tips to protect people and pets like dogs.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are one of the most common reasons for animal attack injuries, and because of this, almost all states in the US have laws regarding this. The animal attacks and liability law in the state of California is kind of limited by design as they focus more on dog bites. You will be charged with a dog bite lawsuit or damage settlement claim if you are the legal owner of the animal or caretaker with foreknowledge about the animal’s tendency to harm someone. In such a situation, you must hire the services of a dog attack attorney to defend your side.

Situations Covered By Dog Bite Laws In California

Depending on the situation, a dog bite or attack can or cannot lead to legal actions. In situations like where the dog escapes from your grip or yard and attacks someone, your coverage by the law is unambiguous. Now, if your dog attacks a person who has interacted with the animal in the past, then you are not covered by the law. This is also applicable if you did not intimate the victim of dog bite injury about the aggressive nature of your dog. The latter two scenarios are the two common reasons for many animal attack damage claims or lawsuits in California.

Situations Not Covered By Dog Bite Laws In California

There are situations where the victim of a dog bite is not protected by dog bite laws in California. For example, dog trainers are purposefully putting themselves in harm’s way because they are aggressively confronting the animals. Other situations include trespassing into private property with guard dogs, petting the animal ignoring signs of aggression, etc. In such scenarios, the lawsuit or claims for damages will be ruled out by the judge at the court of law. Also, the victim might be charged for breaking the law or trespassing.

The best way to avoid legal issues due to a dog bite is to take precautions as the owner of the pet, and if needed hiring the services of a dog attack attorney.

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