Paying Medical Bills after a Dog Bite

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The procedure of a dog bite lawsuit can be worked out easily with the help of a dog attack lawyer. If you have been bitten by a dog and have suffered injuries from the same, you can legally file a lawsuit to get compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

It is a common doubt that arises in the mind of many dog bite victims, as to who will pay the medical bills for the dog bite injury suffered. The first thing to know regarding this is whether or not the dog owner has insurance which covers dog bite cases. Most times this is in the affirmative, but in certain situations, certain breeds of dogs may not come under the insurance coverage of the owner, and hence, things may not go as planned.

Most often, under the homeowner’s insurance, there can be the “no-fault” coverage of the medical bills (mostly Med Pay coverage). According to this, the insurance company will be required to bear the medical bills regardless of the liability that may or may not be imposed on the owner. Under this, the only condition is that the dog that caused the injury must have been one which is owned by the insurance holder, or the dog bite must have happened on the property of the insurance holder.

The most important disadvantage of Med Pay coverage is that it will be limited to a certain amount. If your treatment after the dog bite costs more due to some reason, this coverage may not be of much use to you. In this case, you will have to make use of the health insurance that you have. Assuming you win compensation, this money will then be paid back to your health insurer, from the recovery you get from the dog owner’s insurance. This is called a subrogation lien. It can be complicated if your health insurer is not repaid in the settlement. In that case, the liability can fall back on you. You can take the guidance of an experienced dog lawyer if such a case arises.

In case you lack health insurance and if the medical bills remain unpaid, the insurance company of the dog owner will be held liable for the same. This again can cause you trouble because the insurer of the dog owner usually will not pay the money until the end of the case. You may be left with unpaid bills and some doctors may even hesitate to give you proper treatment because of this reason. Here too, your dog attack lawyer can help you a lot.

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