How to Report a Dog Bite Accident in California

Dog Bite Settlement
Dog Bite Accident

Dogs are regarded the best friends of humans. However, your best domestic canine may turn aggressive under certain circumstances. A dog bite is not a rare problem in California. In fact, out of all the 50 states in the US, California is reported to be on the number one position in case of dog bite incidents. While some dog bites results in small nicks, some others lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. Some of the common dog bite includes compound fracture, loss of consciousness, disfiguration, multiple sutures, amputation etc.

Nevertheless, a dog bite victim can claim for dog bite settlement with the help of a credible dog attack lawyer. It is to be noted that California is a ‘strictly liable’ state. Hence, the dog owner will be entitled to offer financial coverage for the victim’s damages no matter what. Plus, one will not have to prove the negligence of the dog owner to get a favorable verdict. Rather, the victim will have to just illustrate the incident. Sadly, most people still do not know how to file a dog bite case and claim the dog bite settlement.

Some people who are bitten by a dog may opt out of reporting the incident, especially when the dog owner is a friend or relative. However, reporting the dog bite incident to the authorities on time is extremely significant. It will not only help you but helps others too since it is likely to prevent future dog bite incidents. Anyhow, get medical assistance right after a dog bite accident irrespective of whether the damage is small or large. Note that even a small bruise can sometimes lead to rabies infection if the dog is not properly vaccinated.

If you don’t know how, when, and where to report the dog bite incident, you may seek help from the animal control office in your locality. They will help you with the necessary instructions. Plus, they may ask you to report the dog bite case to the police department and health department as well. If you can identify the dog, vet specialists will come and examine the canine for rabies infection.

If you are bitten by a stray dog, you will be injected with anti-rabies shots as a safety measure. Furthermore, photos of the injuries right after the dog bite will be helpful to prove your side in the court. As mentioned earlier, the probability of victims to get justice in dog bite cases are always high and they never have to prove things. Still, having photographs of the injuries will help you to obtain the maximum dog bite settlement amount from its owner.

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