Guide To Installation Of Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing is a must have technology for businesses and enterprises to ensure collaboration of all its employees despite the differing location they are based at. The technology takes boardrooms and classrooms to the online platform by facilitating real time communication between the participants.

Here is a list of things for you to consider prior to video conferencing installation.

Find A Suitable Wall

TV and projector are the usual display devices used in video conferencing, and the wall is the ideal pace to mount the TV and camera. They must be at least placed in a shelf on the wall. Ensure that TV and camera are kept adjacent to each other since you have to face both during the video conference session.

For a quality video calling experience, select a bigger display so that you see the faces of the participants clearly.

Remember Eye Level

While you place the camera, keep in mind that you will be seated on the chair while you attend the meeting and hence, keep it in the eye level. Going a bit higher above the eye level is better than going below the eye level.

Watch For Windows

If the room that you are seated in while you attend a conference has windows, natural light may fall across the display screen making it hard to see. Back lighting can cause the participants look like shadows for people at the other end of the call.

Position the video camera and screen appropriately to avoid these possible problems.

Look Out For Reflective Surfaces

Glassy wall paints, glass tables and pictures hung on the walls may act as reflective surfaces that can reflect light to the camera or display screen. Reflection can lead to over-brightened images being displayed to the other participants.

Take a look at the patterns and pictures in the room if any, as repetitive patterns can cause flickering images.

Position Microphones

Make sure that the microphone is placed centrally so that it is equidistant from all the attendees in the room so that every time someone speaks, they do not have to drag the microphone to their side to be heard clearly. In order to reduce feedback, keep the microphone away from speakers and cell phones.

To ensure the quality of video call, follow all the above guidelines prior to the installation of the video conferencing system.

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