Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

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Dog Bite Insurance Cover

Many insurance policies for the homeowners cover the bites from dogs when they are in the house, or when in the property, and for guests who are staying in his house for more than one day. However, the application of this policy will depend largely on the amount of coverage that was purchased by the owner. There can also be some state limitations implying on the insurance coverage.

When the homeowner’s insurance takes care of the recovery after the dog bite, the compensation may extend to a maximum of $300,000. The actual amount may vary depending on the breed of dog that has bitten. If the legal expense due to the bite exceeds this amount, the dog owner will have to pay for the damages. According to the terms of some insurance policies, there may not be liability of dog bite included in the general insurance of the homeowner. In such cases, he will have to buy the extra coverage in addition to the general policy.

Some insurance carriers may deny paying the insurance to the dog owner on grounds of the extreme aggressiveness of the dog. Even if the dog has exhibited friendly behavior in the past, the insurance carrier may use the general aggressive behavior of the breed to prevent the payment of insurance. 

On the purchase of the insurance policy, it must be made clear if there is an exclusion from the coverage based on the breed of the dog. Usually, aggressive dogs like Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers, and German Pinschers are excluded from the insurance policies. Some policies will have the requirement mentioned in particular as to when the policy will be valid. Such policies will obstruct the owner from keeping a dog which is relatively too much risky. If a dog bite happens under such a condition, the policyholder will have to speak with the carrier to know how he can proceed with the matter.

Some insurance companies will take extra steps to put limitations on dog bite claims. While taking the policy they will make the dog owner sign a waiver for dog bites. Some other insurance companies will limit the dog bite claims to be below $100,000. In case if the company’s policy does not cover a particular breed or any dog at all, the owner would have to pay the whole amount from his pocket.

If at all the insurance company hesitates to pay the liable amount or if they stop communicating with the policy holder, he can seek the help of a lawyer in his dog bite settlement.

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