Different Types of Fabrics Used in Garment Manufacturing

Garment Manufacturing

Clothing is one of the basic needs of a human being along with food and shelter. In earlier times, fabrics like flax and linen were much popular, but later we discovered the skill of garment manufacturing from many substances like cotton, wool, silk, etc. During the last century, we also learned how to produce apparel from synthetic substances such as rayon and polyester. In earlier times, making garments was a skill possessed only by a few sections of the society but now we can see several clothing manufacturers, like Luxury Knit, in each and every part of the world. The following are some of the common types of fabrics that are available in the market.


Cotton is a natural fabric obtained from the cotton plant which is widely used around the world due to its soft texture. This fabric is commonly used in making lightweight costumes such as shirts, t-shirts, socks, etc. It is not used to make any heavy dressing but it is widely used with heavy costumes to provide a stylish look.


It is a rigid material with a soft surface, commonly used in making decorative items and toys. These fabrics are produced from both natural sources like wool and also from other synthetic sources like acrylic. This material is available with varying thickness and softness as per the needs of the person.


It is one of the most commonly used synthetic fabrics. Since it is not natural, it is produced in large varieties of color, texture, etc. it is also one of the most durable and most inexpensive fabrics available in the market. Polyester is also available in with a mix of natural fabrics like cotton, wool, etc.


Silk is also known as protein fabric as is obtained from the cocoon of mulberry silkworms. It is well known for its soft and smooth texture and is one of the most expensive and least durable materials in the world. Silk is less elastic and is commonly used in luxury garment manufacturing.

The above listed are some of the most popular fabric types. The main feature of fabrics is that it is not only available in different colors, textures, and patterns but also in varying qualities. Different material also possesses many unique qualities which makes them an ideal clothing option in different climates.

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