Difference Between Short-Term Care And Long-Term Care

The rehab treatment process for your near and dear one will start with knowing which the right form of treatment is for their specific situation. There are short-term care and long-term-type service. Knowing how these two services differ, will help to be better prepared to make your loved one’s standard of health better. Keep reading this ‘short-term versus long-term care’ comparison post to know the same.

What Is Short-Term Care?

It is the kind of service that can last from a small number of days to some months. When someone recovers from an injury, illness, or surgery, a temporary solution is home care, but it may not always be suitable.

According to your near and dear person’s situation, they may require a skilled form of care. Unskilled care at home will only involve a custodial caregiver helping the patient with activities associated with independent living, such as bathing, preparing meals, and so forth. Conversely, skilled care will involve therapists and other medical professionals looking after the patient for a short period to assist them in their health needs. When that family member or friend recovers, the short-term-type services will not be required any longer.

What Is Long-Term Care

It is a form of service usually for senior citizens who have progressive and/or chronic health conditions. Some of these conditions are Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and debilitating forms of stroke.

Almost every family member lacks training or experience in looking after someone who is chronically ill at home. It may be a routine task to bathe your parent, but something such as keeping an eye on a ventilator will be beyond unless you are experienced or trained in it. This is when the services of a skilled nursing facility, such as a Pasadena nursing center, may be required for a long period.

If round-the-clock patient supervision, training, and a higher level of care are required, at-nursing-home care possibly will be the right choice for your near and dear one. A skilled nursing facility also called a nursing home, usually offers long-term rehabilitative services round the clock from licensed doctors and other licensed professionals. At the time of needing its services, you might be wondering how long this form of care might last. It depends on a wide range of factors, including your family member’s specific health condition. You can contact a nearby nursing home to know more.

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