Dangerous Dog Breeds Going by Behavior, and How Laws Pertain To It

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Any dog could just attack an individual. These loyal animals are instinctively protective of their human masters. That is why sometimes dogs take their natural instincts on people. Some breeds are usually dangerous than others, though. The following is a quick look at those breeds, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified as the most dangerous ones.


Pitbull was at the very top of CDC’s list of breeds. It has caused 66 deaths during the period between 1979 and 1988.


According to the federal agency, Rottweilers came second in fatalities related to dog bite, having caused 39 demises.

German Shepherd

The agency says these dogs were involved in 17 fatalities.


This particular dog breed was to blame for 15 fatalities.


CDC reported this breed was involved in 12 such cases.

Doberman Pinscher

The Center reported this breed was involved in 9 fatalities.

Chow Chow

This is also an aggressive breed, as evidenced by 8 fatalities it has caused.

Some cities, states and nations have passed breed-specific laws. These identify and limit certain breeds due to their propensity for, or history of violent behavior. Some laws do ban dangerous dog breeds outright, while others mandate owners of one such animal neuter or spay it or keep it muzzled in public. Several people argue it is the dog owner, rather than its breed, who determine its behavior, and proper routines, discipline and training are the most significant influences. However, others feel that dogs bred to fight should be banned in order to protect the public.

Irrespective of the breed, all responsible owners should have adequate insurance that provides coverage for the dog-bite victim as well as asset protection for themselves if the incident occurs. Even the most even-tempered and docile animal could bite and attack someone.

Since any dog could just cause an injury with a bite, states have allowed listing any dog as dangerous purely based on its behavior. Some insurance companies are excluding certain dogs, on the basis of their qualities like previous incidents of aggressive behavior or tendencies.

The related law in California makes it clear who is to blame in a dog bite. The offending dog’s owner is liable for its conduct always. He or she is liable for compensation for damages which is claimed by a dog bite victim, should the animal inflict wounds on them. Regardless of whether the owner was on their own premises, on public or private property, he or she is responsible for any and all sorts of injuries that result from their dog’s action.

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