Best CBD Dog Biscuits

The thing that really sets CBD apart from the countless other medicinal herbs and products out there in the market, is how almost any living thing can straight up take in CBD without any repercussions and be blessed with better health and well-being. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a canine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a feline or even a rodent. Everyone can avail the benefits that CBD puts out there. To call it a miracle drug at this point would be disgraceful to its name in my opinion.

CBD has definitely come a long way in terms of being accepted. It wasn’t always the case of how you are seeing the masses take in CBD now. Now there are as many as 50 proud nations that have officially made it possible to seek and enjoy the benefits of CBD, with the newest addition to this esteemed group being none other than the United States of America.

However we aren’t here to really study about the life struggles that CBD had to endure to be in the place it is in today. We are here to understand and wrap our heads around how CBD is changing the lives of our canine friends. Although we regard them as Man’s best friend, it is high time that we reward and acknowledge that love for us, through the use of CBD.

Let us look into how CBD works its magic on our furry friends, and also how you can choose from the top CBD snacks for them to munch on.

Cannabidiol: Love For All Shapes And Sizes

The way in which it has helped us follow a much healthier lifestyle is also the way in which it will help your pets do the same. CBD or cannabidiol is not the only such ingredient that you get your hands on when you extract it from the cannabis plant. Fact is there are numerous such compounds that are much like CBD, and these are ganged up into what we call “cannabinoids”. The cannabinoids are plenty and the substance called THC, which has been in the news for quite some time is also one amongst them.

Cannabidiol is one of a kind. Other cannabinoids in the mix have distinct weakened features of CBD such as flavonoids that are much weaker therapeutic substances as compared to CBD. But that is not the only reason why the spotlight has be shone on CBD all the brightly; it is because CBD can’t intoxicate you or your dogs!

For those of you, who are wondering if whether CBD is going to intoxicate you or your pet, look no further. As we are telling you it doesn’t! People have the misconception that since CBD comes from the stoner’s plant it must be no different. You are wrong! The feelings of floating towards the sky an hour after you take a bite of the freshly baked edible brownies is because of the substance THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a strongly psychoactive substance that makes you delusional and gives you that all too familiar “high”. With CBD however, there is no such property of inducing psychosis. The most that will happen is your pets might feel sleepy and may get a nap. That’s it!

CBD is a highly therapeutic substance that helps with soothing strained nerves and jittery fingered anxiety. For those patients for whom fighting with autoimmune diseases is an everyday ordeal, CBD helps as a weapon, a guiding light of sorts, to help them brave the fight with their evils and come up on top victorious! Thankfully the help it provides to you is also the helping hand it lends to your pets as well.

Top CBD Dog Treats For Your Canine Mates

Austin And Kat

These are really good manufacturer that make CBD derived hemp infused dog biscuits. They are delicious for your dogs and are made from human-grade ingredients stretching from coconut oil, peanut butter, cinnamon, apples and oats. Be rest assured that they will come jumping into the kitchen at the rustling sound of the packet opening. Each dog treat consist of 5mg of CBD oil. This makes it easier for you to dose them right. The bag usually contains 30 such CBD dogs treat, making it a total of 150 mg of CBD oil per bag. It is recommended to serve 1 to 2 mg of CBD oil per 10 pounds of a dog, on a schedule of 5-7 hours; meaning the dose you give to your St. Bernard should be way higher than your Shi Tzu.

Maple Bacon Advanced Maxhemp Dog Treats

This is for those special days where you feel like treating your dogs to something all the more special. The maple bacon flavour is one that will make your dog completely oblivious to the flavour of the CBD. The CBD flavour can sometimes be harsh to the palate, which is why this will easily become your dog’s best companion.

Hemp Field Farms- CBD Rich Dog Treats

Hemp Field Farms takes immense pride in the breeding, growing and the testing of its own hemp plant farm. The way they do it is to breed the strain for the best “phenotypes”. The CBD dog treats are processed manufactured and packaged to the strict code of standards as any other human product undergoes. What makes it all the more safer for your pets is the absence of butane in the final CBD product; as the extraction method adopted is that of CO2. The treats are mostly quite vegan based and contain flax seed, whole wheat and brown rice. The best thing about it is how easy it is on your pets gut, and they will thank you for it infinitely.

Honest Paws- Roasted Peanut Butter Flavoured CBD Dog Treats

Any dog owner would know immediately that peanut butter is the all-time favourite snack for your canine friend. Only topped by bacon and chicken strips, this is one manufacturer that has taken all the goodness and flavour of the peanut butter and nicely packaged it into an easy to consume product for your dogs. If you think your dogs are anxious then wait and watch until you throw them this snack! It will be as though that stress never was there to begin with!

Green Gorilla- Hemp And Olive Freeze Dried Dog Treats

This is one product that infuses the goodness of olives and CBD derived hemp into a neat little package. Green gorilla is an internationally acclaimed group that not only makes CBD dog treats but hemp based paper, medication, textiles and much more.

The bag has a total 180 mg of CBD-derived hemp oil in it. Each single dog treat has 3mg of CBD oil in it. The labelling instructs on feeding not more than 1 CBD dog treat for every 10 pounds of your dog, per day. The dosing is simple to follow. They even offer lamb flavoured CBD derived hemp dog treats! They are made with extra-virgin olive oil, lamb livers and rosemary leaf extract. A well balanced dog treat to help you make their day!

CBD Essence- CBD Dog Biscuits

These manufacturers infuse FDA-approved grade oil along with the rich CBD derived hemp oil as well. Their USP is the use of a high pressure juicing process that helps yield a highly concentration extract. Each CBD derived hemp dog treat contains around 10mg of the oil. They taste great to dogs, which you will see in their immediate appetite. For dogs that have digestive issue, this is a great treat to give them. The reason why they taste great? Well, it has chicken fat, white cheddar cheese, garlic, apples and a whole wheat and oatmeal base.

What Does CBD Dog Treats Even Do For My Dogs?

CBD can do loads for your pets, as we have listed down:

Acts As A Great Stress Reliever

Dogs are much like humans and have their own worries and insecurities to ponder over. This is why you may have noticed your dog getting the jitters during the new year celebrations fireworks. Dogs have separation anxiety as well and begin by getting frantic especially when they don’t see their owners anywhere nearby. What this ends up is your dog getting aggressive and barking for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They may even chew on shoes or the side of furniture much in the same way we bite our nails when we are anxious. CBD will help soothe them and boosts the levels of serotonin, ensuring that they feel happy and playful.

  • Reduces Pain

CBD does a great job in effectively reducing pain impulses. Dogs are not immune to arthritis and auto immune ailments. CBD dog treats ensures that the inflammation at the joints are controlled so as to not cause excess damage to the bone and underlying muscle tissue. A pain-free dog is a much happier dog.

  • Allows For Dogs To Attain Homeostasis

Much like how the systems in our body need to reach a state of balance and equilibrium, the same can be said for our canine friends as well. CBD dog treats ensure that the various systems in the body, right from the immune to the cardiovascular system are all in a state of Zen.

  • Helps Curb Seizures

Dogs are not immune to seizures and epileptic shocks. CBD has been researched and seen as a viable cure to help reduce the convulsion due to the sudden firing of nerve impulses in the nervous system of your pets. CBD relaxes the body and allow the neurons to resume their normal state of working.

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