A Look at Dog Attacks on California Children

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Dog attacks on kids still happen in California with a frequency that is far too much. As per official estimates, the US is home to 68 million dogs kept as domestic pets. Each year, domestic dogs bite around 5 million Americans as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About half of these dog bite victims are aged between 5 and 9. Usually, those who get bitten by a dog have previously interacted with it. Injuries can occur at your house, in a backyard, in the park, or at a friend or relative’s residence.

Where Do Dogs are More Likely to Bite

Victims below the age of four are likelier to be bitten by a dog on their head, face or neck than those who belong to any other age group. Older kids and adults are likelier to be bitten by it on their arm, hand, leg or foot. Often, dogs inflict lacerations and deep puncture wounds. When a kid is involved, crushing injuries and amputations are likelier to happen. Several dog bite victims need reconstructive surgery, in order to repair disfiguring injuries. A mauling is an emotionally and physically traumatic experience. It can leave one with not just permanent injuries and severe scarring, but significant medical costs and pain and fear that could last an entire lifetime as well.

More on Dog Bites in California

The US state has a unique issue with dog bite and fatalities. Several infants and youngsters passed away after family dogs bit them. While dog ownership rates in California are about average, home insurance claims far exceed those for dog bites in other states. In 2013, California led the country in fatal cases of dog attacks, with five demises as per Dogsbite.org. Amazingly, all of these were attributed to dogs of the pit bull breed.

Pitbull fatally injured a 2-year old in 2010 when he was playing in San Bernardino, but the amazing thing is it was his parent’s dog that bit him. A San Diego infant passed away in 2012 after pitbull’s vicious bite crushed his head.

Severe bites such as these are often inflected by unneutered dogs which are bred for tasks requiring aggressive behavior. Pitbulls are to blame for more demises than other breeds combined. Unlike some states in the US, California is one that does not permit dog breed-specific legislation even though it supports neutering programs for certain breeds.

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